Empty cartridges and the Environment
Most people do not realize that printer cartridges can be recycled. Millions of inkjet cartridges are dumped into our landfills each year.
Current Statistics.
The plastic used in a typical cartridge is industrial grade and takes approximately 1000 years to decompose. For every cartridge that is recycled, a pproximately 2.5 lbs of petroleum products are withheld from our rivers and oceans. An average recycler prevents 264 gallons of oil and 845 pounds of hazardous waste from reaching landfills. An average of 120 million total tons of recyclable plastic, metal, rubber, paper, foam are saved from landfills through the recycling process.
Recycling your cartridges is environmentally friendly and helps to reduce the 250 million cartridges dumped in landfill sites in the last decade as well as helping you raise money for your cause or business. According to current statistics, only 5% of empty cartridges are currently being recycled - this means 95% of these items are simply discarded and end up in landfill sites. As well as taking up room in our already-limited landfill sites, it can take up to 1.5 liters of oil to produce a new cartridge from scratch and a discarded used cartridges , this is not good news for our environment!
Yousheng’s Visual Cartridge Inspection Guide
Our inspectors check following for your empty cartridges:
  • Electric strip integrity of your empty cartridges
  • No damaged or cracked cases of your empty cartridges
  • No Failed circuit testers of your empty cartridges
  • No Missing or damaged print heads of your empty cartridges
  • Not Low capacity trial cartridge
  • With OEM label of your empty cartridges
Yousheng will pay dollar for your empty inkjet cartridges. Check following the catalogue to view the items we collect.
Your good & stable empty cartridges stock appreciated!!!
Cartridge Model
HP 15 (C6615A/D)HP 88/18/82/10/11 (Black)
HP 17 (C6625A)HP 703 (Black)
HP 23 (C1823D)HP 703 (Color)
HP 20 (C6614A/D)HP 901 (Black)
HP 19HP 901 (Color)
HP 21 (Reg)HP 901XL (Black)
HP 21 (XL)HP 920 (All Models)
HP 22 (Reg)HP 940 (All Models)
HP 22 (XL)HP 88/18/82/10/11 (Black)
HP 26 (51626A/D)For USA, Canada, Australia, Korea..market
HP 27 (C8727A)HP 60 (Reg/XL)HP 95 (C8766W)
HP 28 (C8728A)HP 61 (Reg/XL)HP 96 (C8767W)
HP 29 (51629A/D)HP 74 (Reg/XL)HP 97 (C9363W)
HP 40 (51640A)HP 75 (Reg/XL)HP 98 (C9364W)
HP 45 (51645A/G)HP 92 (C9362W)HP 99 (C9369W)
HP 49 (51649A/G)HP 93 (C9361W)HP 02 (All Models)
HP 54 (CB334A)HP 94 (C8765W)
HP 56 (C6656A)For Europe... market
HP 57 (C6657A)HP 350 (Reg/XL)HP 343 (C8766EE)
HP 58 (C6658A)HP 351 (Reg/XL)HP 344 (C9363EE)
HP 78 (Reg/XL)HP 336 (C9362EE)HP 348 (C9369EE)
HP 100 (C9368AN)HP 337 (C9364EE)HP 300 (Reg/XL)
HP 102 (C9360AN)HP 338 (C8765EE)HP 301 (Reg/XL)
HP 110 (Black/Photo)HP 339 (C8767EE)HP 364 (All Models)
HP 701 (CC635A)HP 342 (C9361EE)HP 363 (All Models)
HP 702 (CC660A)For Middle East, South Africa, Japan...market
HP 703 (Black)HP 140 (Reg/XL)HP 132 (C9362HE)
HP 703 (Color)HP 141 (Reg/XL)HP 131 (C8765HE)
HP 901 (Black)HP 121 (Reg/XL)HP 134 (C9363HE)
HP 901 (Color)HP 122 (Reg/XL)HP 135 (C8766HE)
HP 901XL (Black)HP 129 (C9369HE)HP 138 (C9369HE)
HP 920 (All Models)HP 130 (C8767HE)HP 177 (All Models)
HP 940 (All Models)More New models welcome!
Lexmark 1 (18C0781)Lexmark 82 (18L0032)
Lexmark 2 (18C0190)Lexmark 83 (18L0042)
Lexmark 3 (18C1530)Lexmark 400HC (13400HC)
Lexmark 4A (18C1954)Lexmark 1380620
Lexmark 5A (18C1970)More New models welcome!
Lexmark 14A ()CANON
Lexmark 15A ()Canon BC-02/BX2
Lexmark 16 (10N0016)Canon BC20/BX20
Lexmark 17 (10N0217)Canon BC03/BX3
Lexmark 23A ()Canon BC-05
Lexmark 24A ()Canon PG30/CL-31
Lexmark 26 (10N0026)Canon PG40/CL-41
Lexmark 27 (10N0227)Canon PG50/CL-51
Lexmark 28A ()Canon PG210/CL-211 (Reg/XL)
Lexmark 29A ()Canon PG-510/511 (Reg/XL)
Lexmark 31 (18C0031)Canon PG-815/CL-816
Lexmark 32 (18C0032)More New models welcome!
Lexmark 33 (18C0033)DELL
Lexmark 34 (18C0034)Dell T0529
Lexmark 35 (18C0035)Dell T0530
Lexmark 36A (18C2130)Dell 4640/4646
Lexmark 36XLA (18C2170)More New models welcome!
Lexmark 37A ()SAMSUNG
Lexmark 37XLA ()M10
Lexmark 44A ()M40
Lexmark 45A ()M41
Lexmark 70 (12A1970)M45
Lexmark 80 (12A1980)More New models welcome!
Requirements for empty inkjet cartridge recycling:
1. All the empty inkjet cartridge’s appearance/nozzle and chip must be in good condition, no scratches, corrosion aging, or burnout.
2. Never be remanufactured.
The preservation and packaging methods:
1. Store in a cool, dry place, for safe keeping.
2. No piling up, or the nozzle may easily get broken.
3. Often wipe the color ink nozzle gently with soft issue, thus can prolong the storage time.
4. Do not throw, handle with care, in case of broken and squeezed.
5. Detailed packing method, please see the following pictures.
Packing way for black
Please pay attention to the printhead. It should be head down.
Packing way for HP color