Happy Chinese New Year!



Happy Chinese New Year!

We will have a holiday from January 31st to February 21st, and we will back to the office on February 22.

The CNY is a joyous and peaceful holiday, and it is also a holiday for family reunion.
Young people working outside will go home to gather together during the CNY.The night
before the New Year is the Thirtieth Night of the Twelfth Lunar New Year, also called New
Year's Eve, or Reunion Night.

Another name for the Spring Festival is ''Guo Nian". In past legends, the "Nian" is an
imaginary animal that brings bad luck to people. When "Nian" comes. The trees are
withered,and the grass does not grow; when the "Nian" passes, everything grows and
flowers are everywhere. How can the ''Nian" pass? Firecrackers are needed,so there is a
custom of burning firecrackers, which is actually way to highlight the lively scene.

So the Chinese New Year symbolizes reunion and hope. Here we wish you and your family
good health and a happiness life and a bright future.

2020 is a difficult year. But with faith, We believe everything will be restored in the new
year 2021. Let us work through the difficulties together, be strong and grow together.