HP "renewed" printer cartridges program

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As part of its goal of "net zero carbon emissions, a fully renewable economy", HP plans to launch "renewed" printer cartridges in Europe.

The plan is HP's consumables update service, such as the upgrade of the printer's instant ink plan. HP users in Germany will soon be able to choose to receive HP's "updated" instant ink cartridge service. Industry professionals believe that HP's "update" is "remanufacturing", which can be regarded as HP tries to provide users with remanufactured ink cartridges in Europe.

An industry veteran in Western Europe said: "If the HP project is developed, it will have a big impact on the remanufactured ink cartridge industry."

Patrick Moorhead, senior contributor to Forbes website, said that HP has always been a leader in implementing sustainable development plans. As early as 1966, an HP employee established a recycling program for HP computer punch cards; in 1987, HP began a hardware recycling program. HP is also one of the first companies to sign the famous Energy Star Efficiency Plan.

It is reported that HP will achieve its sustainable economic goals through the following methods:

HP is transitioning its product portfolio to a printing and computer service model, implementing consumable "renewed" services, such as an instant ink program for its printers, and adopting more recycling hardware solutions.

HP is focusing on increasing the use of renewable and recyclable materials

In its logistics, HP encourages turning to using renewable electricity, ground transportation, alternative fuels and electric vehicles to transport its goods

HP said it is focusing on designing products with existing and new energy-saving technologies

HP is investing in forest restoration and management to help reduce the loss of trees harvested for printing and packaging


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